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Special tests for kidney disease patients

As a professional kidney disease hospital, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital is the largest kidney disease hospital in China. Every year, about 20000 patients checked in our hospital with kidney disease. We have helped them reserve the kidney disease with nephritis successfully.
The specific advanced tests for kidney disease patients in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital
Seven tests for Renal fibrosis ( They can help you find the kidney problems timely)
Three tests for kidney tubules ( They can help you find the damages in kidney tubules earlier)
Tests for : lymphocyte subsets. (T-lymphocyte subsets/ B lymphocyte subsets/ NK lymphocyte)
Th1 / Th2 cells ratio, circulating immune complexes, C3, C4, CH5O, C1q, immune globulin(IgA、IgG、IgM、IgE), IgG1、IgG2、IgG3、IgG4.(They can help patients find the immune damages in their kidneys).
Tests for CysA Serum concentration monitoring
Cardiac muscle calcium protein (TNT), NT-proBNP, Procalcitonin
Blut-Routine-Untersuchung, Light inhib,ition C, renal function, liver function, Resistance to nuclear antibody series, ANCA series, folic acid, B12、PTH
These tests can help you found the damages in the kidneys and the proper treatments or medicine for you.
Special treatments for kidney disease in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital
1. Traditional Chinese medicine
2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
3. Immunotherapy

For most patients with kidney disease, they lost their valuable lives as they ignore the disease. They lost the best time to treat the kidney disease, they lost the advanced treatments at the same time. Thus they go towards death.

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