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Special Inspection Items Concerning Kidney Disease

Recently many patients with kidney disease are continuously asking what the special inspection items for kidney disease are provided in our hospital. As for their concerns, I want to list some of these items provided in our hospital.
Traditional kidney disease inspection items are listed in the following:
2.Urine Red Cells Shape Inspection
3.Serum Creatinine(Scr)
4.Creatinine Clearance Rate(Ccr)
5.Urine Protein Quantitative Inspection within 24 hours
6.Urine Micro-albuminuria Quantitative
7.Urine Low-molecular Protein, including Beta2 microglobulin, a1 microglobulin, transferrin, and light chain protein, etc.
8. Urine Osmotic Pressure
9.B Ultrasound Inspections
10.Kidney Images Such as MRI, CT, etc.
Based on the traditional inspections, our hospital has provided additional inspection items for the kidney disease. These special inspection items are peculiar in our hospital.
1. Early Inspections for Kidney Diseases, including Cystatin, Retiol Binding Protein, Urine Enzyme such as NAG, GGT, etc.
2. Urine Uric Acid and Urine Calcium Inspections within 24 Hours.
3. Hematuria Location Inspections
4. Circulation Immune Complexes Inspection
5. Renal Anemia Inspections.
6. Autoantibody Inspections Related with Kidney Disease
7. OKT Inspecitons.
So these are the special inspection items in our hospital. By these abundant

inspections, kidney diseases’ conditons could be detected elaborately. Only accurate inspections can guarantee an effective treatment.

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