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Must Renal Proteinuria Indicate Nephritis

Must renal proteinuria indicate nephritis? Many people with proteinuria are concerned about this and doubt whether they have got renal disease. Firstly, let’s look at the definition of renal proteinuria.
Renal proteinuria means that test on renal proteinuria shows it is positive, or the amount of protein in urine is more than 150 mg/24h. As a matter of fact, the proteinuria (Proteinuria and Kidney Disease) we mentioned above is pathological proteinuria. Besides this, there is physiological proteinuria, which is a kind of normal, temporary, mild and benign proteinuria. In our daily life, some healthy people can have mild renal proteinuria. The conditions are as follows:
1. fever
The climax period of all kinds of fever can lead to renal proteinuria. After fever fades, renal proteinuria will also disappears consequently, which is maybe related to increased renal flow volume and the increased permeability of renal filtration.
2. chill
In winter or cold atmosphere, people can have temporary and mild renal proteinuria, which results from temporary spasm of renal blood vessels.
3 exercise
After strenuous exercise or labor, people can also have renal hematuria, which may be related to the sharply increased blood flow in kidney and the increased adrenergic.
So it is not scientific to identify all proteinuria a sign of chronic nephritis. As long as the inducement is diminished, renal proteinuria will disappear consequently.
If people’s proteinuria was diagnosed with a sign of chronic kidney disease, do not panic and receive treatment at once. Once the treatment is timely and effective, symptoms can be controlled well. Now maybe many people are interested in why proteinuria appears and in other words, they wonder the pathological damage of the kidney when proteinuria appears.
Actually, in kidney, there are more than one million renal units. Renal units consist of renal glomeruli, renal tubules, etc. they are all functional unites. For example, in renal glomeruli, there are filtration membranes. If they are damaged, some macro-molecules such as proteinuria will leak out, leading to proteinuria eventually.

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