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Is Stage 4 CKD Serious

As for chronic kidney disease is a kind of latent disease, sometimes when it is detected, the disease maybe already gets into late stages.
Some people may not have a general idea about what's the meaning of stage 4 CKD, here we provide a brief introduction about CKD.
There are totally 5 stages of CKD all together based on GFR/eGFR. In stage 4, GFR/eGFR is between 15-29, with corresponding creatinine level 451-707μmol/L (5.1-7.9mg/dL ), kidney damage is severe.
The patients may have obvious clinical manifestations, and if the disease progress can't be controlled at this stage, the deterioration rate will become fast, and develop into end-stage kidney failure. And when it develops to later stage, the kidney damage is irreversible.
So once you have found out the kidney disease, it's better to take action early, before the damage is too severe, then you may delay or avoid dialysis or kidney transplant.

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