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How to Treat High Serum Creatinine

Serum creatinine, as we know, is an important reference which can indicates the function of kidney. Generally speaking, serum creatinine is a waste product just as blood urea nitrogen and urea acid. So in the third stage, the fourth stage and the fifth stage of chronic kidney disease, with the further damaged kidneys are suffering from, patients with chronic kidney disease will have high serum creatinine. Long time accumulation of toxins such as serum creatinine will lead to more complications and patients with chronic kidney disease may develop into the last stage uremia. So the earlier patients receive treatment, the better the effect will be. How to decrease high serum creatinine? How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood ?
Before we talk about how to treat or reduce high serum creatinine (High Creatinine Levels), let’s first know about what is serum creatinine and why serum creatinine increases to high. Serum creatinine actually is a product of metabolism. When the kidney works well, serum creatinine can discharge out of the body consequently. When kidney can not function well, for example, when it can not secrete toxins in the body, toxins such as serum creatinine will increase accordingly.
As for the treatment of high serum creatinine, western medicine has its own conventional therapy, which can play roles in reducing the index of serum creatinine. However, patients with kidney disease must take in the western medicine continuously. What’s more, such western medicine can just clear away the toxins which has had accumulated into the body. It can not repair the damaged cells and can not stop the damaged from happening continuously. So with time passing by, renal fibrosis comes into being. The condition gets worse and worse. Patients with kidney disease may even develop into uremia, the advanced stage of chronic kidney disease. What’s worse, even serum creatinine is decreased, it may recur again when patients are caught by cold, infection, tiredness, and so on.
Since renal fibrosis starts, there will be more and more glomeruli damaged. And kidney functions decline. It is quiet necessary to get an effective treatment.
How to treat or reduce serum creatinine effectively? We should focus on the repairing of damaged intrinsic cells, thorough which, we can stop the renal fibrosis. In other words, on one hand, we can stop the intrinsic cells from being damaged again and on the other hand, we can repair the damaged ones, increase the filtration area of glomeruli, promote the filtration function of renal glomeruli. In this way, the excessively accumulated serum creatinine will be discharged out naturally and the damaged intrinsic cells are repaired.
What medicine shall patients with kidney disease take to achieve the above mentioned effect? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can achieve the effect. It can clear the immune complex and repair the damaged renal glomerular membrane which leads to the increased serum creatinine. And at the same time, it can repair the diseased tissues as well. After these steps, the basilar membrane will be repaired and renal function will be recovered. The filtration area will be extended. And serum creatinine will be decreased accordingly.

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