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How to Treat Creatinine 1.73

What does creatinine 1.73 mean? How is kidney damaged when creatinine is 1.73? To know about it clear, we should first explain two concepts: what is creatinine and what is the normal level of creatinine.
Creatinine is a kind of metabolism waste which is from muscles, and generally as long as we exercise or even speak, the body will metabolize creatinine. The ratio is 20g muscles to 1g creatinine. It is a kind of toxin, which should be discharged out of the body through urine, and kidney as we know plays a role of filtration. So from the above, we get a conclusion that if there is something wrong in the kidney, the filtration function will be damaged, and the creatinine level will increase accordingly.
How about the normal range of serum creatinine - High Creatinine Levels? The normal one in China is 0.5 to 1.2. In the world, chronic kidney disease is divided into 5 stages. In the first stage, the creatinine level is normal and in the second stage, the creatinine level is 1.6-2.0mg/dL. So from the above, we can know that the creatinine 1.73 shows that chronic kidney disease patients have developed into the second stage. In the second stage, the creatinine is 1.6-2.0mg/dL or 133-177μmol/L. In this stage, there are in most of time no obvious symptoms and patients can not find it out unless they have an examination. However, patients needn’t worry for as long as chronic kidney disease patients adopt treatment, the damage can be reversible.
According to the international diagnosis, more than 95% of kidney diseases are caused by human immune disorder. In most western countries, western medicine such as hormones and immuno suppressive agents are used to control the excessive immune response. In this way, the immune damage inside of the kidney can be controlled for the time being. However, the immune complex will deposit onto the kidney, which leads to further immune response again.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, besides this, we have 6 steps in total, which goes as follows: scientific diagnosis, immune blocking, immune resistance, immune adjustment, immune protection and immune clearance. More information, please consult us and we are glad to help.

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