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How to Reduce Serum Creatinine

How to reduce serum creatinine? As we mentioned in the above, creatinine can both exist in serum and urine. Creatinine in serum is called serum creatinine, which is used to be a very important diagnosis to judge the renal function. Generally, the total amount of creatinine is stable in normal condition. If there is more in urine, there will be less in serum. In turn, if there is less in urine, there will be more in serum. If there is more creatinine in urine, it indicates that kidney is damaged and kidney function is declined accordingly for creatinine can pass through pores of renal glomerular filtration rate.
How to reduce serum creatinine? In clinic, especially in western countries, when chronic kidney disease patients have symptoms such as proteinuria, they are usually told to take western medicines, most of which just focuses on diminishing them fast, however, the effect of them are for the time being.
So how to reduce serum creatinine fundamentally has become a hot topic today.
In China, we have Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmothrapy. Firstly, in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, there are much nutritious materials which can supply nutrition to the kidney and improve the insufficiency of blood and oxygen in the kidney. Secondly, when a good and clean inner environment is created, the nutritious materials will play roles in repairing intrinsic cells and damaged renal glomerular basilar membrane, thus stopping the further damage to the kidney. Thirdly, Micro-Chinese Medicine can also clear away the immune complex which deposit into the kidney.How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
Besides these, patients with chronic kidney disease should also pay attention to the other aspects so as to assure the decrease of serum creatinine during the treatment. The detailed explanations are as follows:
First of all, prevent themselves from catching a cold. Catching a cold can worsen kidney disease sharply. In this course, catching a cold or getting an infection can lead to more deposition of immune complex. A cold can increase creatinine in serum a lot.
Secondly, pay more attention to the diet as well. Coca cola, which is very popular in many countries in the world, should also be forbidden for chronic kidney disease.

The above mentioned are about how to reduce serum creatinine, for more information, please consult us online or email us.

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