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How to Lower High Creatinine with Chinese Herbs

How to lower high creatinine with Chinese herbs for patients with chronic kidney disease? China is an ancient and big country, which has many ancient and mysterious things for many foreigners. Chinese medicine especially for Chinese herbs are said to have marvelous effect on treating disease after patients try many other treatment means. How about the effect of lowing high creatinine for Chinese herbs?
Before answering this question, firstly, we should find out the reason why patients with chronic kidney disease. Due to kinds of primary and secondary factors, the partial micro-circulation in kidney is blocked, which leads to the insufficiency of blood and oxygen in the kidney. So, the intrinsic cells in the kidney are damaged. With the stimulation of inflammation response, a large amount of cells die, which leads to renal fibrosis. So the entire renal function declines, which causes the increased level of serum creatinine for creatinine can not discharge out successfully as usual.
In addition, kidney disease is a kind of chronic kidney disease. Patients do not get it within one day but for a long time. So for patients with renal failure, there has already been a large amount of
Intrinsic cells which have been damaged in the kidney. What’s more, with the deposition of increased matrix, creatinine will stay in the blood, leading to the increase of serum creatinine. What is worse, the speed of the increase of creatinine level will also be more rapid.( High Creatinine Levels )
So how to lower high creatinine in the blood? How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood ?
In western countries, there are also some medicines which can lower the creatinine in the blood. However, they can just clear away those which have come into being and exist in the blood and can not treat chronic kidney disease or lower creatinine from root.
In contrast, Chinese medicine or Chinese herbs are more widely applied to lower high creatinine. It can clear away the immune complex, repair the damaged intrinsic cells, and rebuild renal function at the same time. Here, we’d like to say something more about the repair of intrinsic cells for it can explain why creatinine level is high in blood. In mesangial area of renal glomeruli, there is a filtration barrier. In filtration barrier, there is a basilar membrane. There are pores in the basilar membrane, through which, creatinine and other small molecules can pass through. So if the intrinsic cells are damaged, the creatinine can not pass. So the creatinine level is high.

Chinese medicine or Chinese herbs can repair the damaged intrinsic cells, thus lowering the high creatinine in the blood.

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