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How to Improve gfr Levels

GFR, shortened for Glomerular Filtration Rate, refers to a rate at which kidneys get what the body does not need out. It has normal range which is above 90. The value you get is below 60, which indicates your kidneys are working abnormally and you may have got kidney disease and if your value is below 15, your kidney disease is so serious that you’d better to take some actions or you may be at risk of a series problems.
Why do gfr levels decrease?
GFR is an indicator of the filtration function of kidneys. Kidney filtration function is mainly worked by millions of glomeruli which have the function of filtering wastes out of the blood. So,
GFR is actually an indicator of how well the glomeruli are working. Therefore, to improve GFR is to improve the filtration function of glomeruli.
Why does the filtration of glomeruli decrease?
The decreased filtration of glomeruli is the result of damaged or injured glomeruli. Although there are many reasons causing decreased filtration of glomeruli, the mainly reason is related to abnormal immune syImmunotherapy which produce immune complex. Accumulation of immune complex will damage kidney intrinsic cells, including glomeruli, and kidney tissues. To improve GFR is to repair the damaged kidney cells and tissues, which requires clearing the immune complex out.
How to clear immune complex?
Firstly, know clearly about the position that immune complex deposits. Only knowing the exact position the immune complex deposits can we have a goal of where to be treated.
Secondly, prevent continuing accumulation of immune complex. The abnormal immune Immunotherapy contributes to producing lots of immune complex. In order to avoid the further deposition, we should interrupt depositing immune complex.
Thirdly, clear the immune complex. Unique techniques, including plasma exchange, Blood Purification and other effective methods are applied to achieve this goal.

After the gone of immune complex, the damaged kidneys can be repaired, then the GFR will be improved.

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