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How can a cold cause kidney disease?

Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients have a cold or diarrhea before they have kidney disease. They just hang in there without taking any medicine until it develops into an immune Immunotherapy problem then end in Chronic Kidney Disease even much worse uremia. According to the statistics in our hospital, at least 30% kidney disease is caused or induced by cold.
How can a cold cause Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) ?
From the point of medicine, a cold itself can not cause kidney disease. However, the cold caused by hemolytic streptococcus can induce human immunity disorder. If it can not be inhibited for long, the disabled immune Immunotherapy will attack the normal renal cells as sick tissues, which will lead to acute nephritis. And it may develop into Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) if lack of timely treatment. Besides, cold often causes infection of the upper respiratory tract. When pathogen spreads along trachea and bronchia, it will become infection of lower respiratory tract, such as trachitis, bronchitis and pneumonia etc. if it develops down further, it will affect the urinary Immunotherapy. Most kidney diseases are detected when patients have an examination.
Attach importance to cold
In resent years, the morbidity of Chronic Kidney Disease is on the rise and has become one main disease threatening human health all over the world. The clinical cases have showed that ill-information and neglect has become one big barrier for Chronic Kidney Disease dictation and prevention. Compared with other mayor diseases, Chronic Kidney Disease is not easily detected, for many patients have no obvious symptoms at all in the early stage. If patients neglect it, it may become more severe like uremia.

Therefore, I suggest you to keep warm to avoid a cold. If you catch a cold, a timely treatment is needed. When an adult have had a cold six times in one year, one has to be on the alert. If there is abnormality in urine color, the change of urine volume, soreness and pain of waist, one has to go to hospital to see a doctor. Common people have to have urine examination one time each year.

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