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High Creatinine Level in Chronic Kidney Disease

With a series of symptoms, high creatinine level always indicates Chronic Kidney Disease. Then what is creatinine and why high creatinine level appears among people with Chronic Kidney Disease?
Creatinine is the metabolin of meats in our body and it is usually discharged through glomeruli. We all know glomerulus plays barrier function which is performed by mechanical barrier function and charge barrier function. As to the mechanical barrier, it only allows substance with small molecular weight to get through. Creatinine is small molecule, so it can get through these holds smoothly. Creatinine is seldom absorbed by renal tubules, so most of the creatinine excreted by us is discharged everyday and this is the normal condition in our body.
As to people with Chronic Kidney Disease, under the invasion of virus, renal intrinsic cells will be damaged someday, leading to the damage of glomerulus. Once glomerulus is damaged, the filtration function will be impaired and as a result, creatinine which should have been discharged can not be excreted any more. With the retention of creatinine, high creatinine level appears. This is the reason why high creatinine level usually appears among people with Chronic Kidney Disease.
Change of creatinine level usually depends on the glomerular filtration rate. For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, with time goes by, more and more glomeruli are damaged and then more and more creatinine accumulates in their body. Therefore, in this light, creatinine level can indicate the severity of Chronic Kidney Disease. That is to say, the more severity the Chronic Kidney Disease is, the higher the creatinine level is.

Many factors can cause high creatinine level and high creatinine level is one of the tests of detecting renal function. According to creatinine level, we can get the rough number of healthy renal units. Although creatinine level plays such a special role in detecting renal function, high creatinine level not always meaning there are renal damage. For more information, you are welcome to leave messages to me or consult our consultant online.

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