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Five Stages of Diabetic Nephropathy

Massive clinical cases evince that the progression of Diabetic Mellitus can develops into chronic kidney disease, that is termed as Diabetic Nephropathy. Usually, this course of progression can be divided into five stages according its special characters. It is very critical for patients to recognize them and take proper treatment in a corresponding stage.
First, renal function gets changed. In early stage, kidney becomes enlarged, and high filtration and priming rate usually happen. In this stage, patients need to control glucose strictly.
Second, kidney structure gets deformed, and patients urinate protein when they have severe activities. Patients should have much rest in this time period.
Third, Early-stage Nephropathy, patients have suffered from Diabetes nearly for 5-15years. And 30%-40% of patients would present severe proteinuria(Proteinuria and Kidney Disease) in this stage and their renal function begin to decline.
Fourth, Diabetes Mellitus result in kidney disease after patients suffering from this for 10-30 years. In this stage, patients have a host of proteinuria, adjoint to Edema and elevated blood pressure. Their renal function also declines greatly.
Fifth, the final stage is Uremia, and patients need to take dialysis and kidney transplant to sustain their life.

Patients are concerned whether they need to take dialysis when they are in Uremia. Actually, dialysis is very helpful to eradicate parts of toxins accumulated in human body. But in the long run, it is recommended to take other therapy rather than depend on single dialysis to respite symptoms. Massive clinical cases prove that dialysis can create a good treatment environment and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair and restore damaged renal function.

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