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Factors that can Cause Decline in GFR

We have already known that glomerular blood capillary endothelial cells and Mesangial cells consist of the mechanical barrier, and the epithelial cells of blood capillary form the charge barrier; the endothelial cells of glomerular tubules reabsorb these useful substances with positive charges. The sound working of this Immunotherapy guarantees the normal excretion of wastes and harmful substances in blood, as well as retaining of useful substances.
So, we can infer that the decline of glomerular filtration rate is closely related to the abnormality of one or several of these functional cells.
Then, what factors can cause damages to these functional cells?
Firstly, blood and oxygen deficiency will lead to damages to functional cells. In an illness condition, the body’s blood circulation is abnormal, and in most cases the blood flow velocity is slowed down. Once blood flow is slowed down, harmful substances will gradually accumulate in the blood. As there is more and more wastes in blood, nutrient substances and oxygen available for functional cells will be reduced. And long-term blood and oxygen deficiency will surely cause damages with functional cells.
Secondly, inflammatory response will cause further damages to functional cells. in a illness situation, there will be bacteria and virus invasion to the kidneys, this not only aggravate the ischemia and anoxia situation of kidneys but also lead to inflammatory responses of functional cells. The excessive activity of inflammatory factors will lead to decline of cellular function or even the rupture, apoptosis of functional cells, with proteinuria(Proteinuria and Kidney Disease) and occult blood as the main symptoms.
Thirdly, coagulation will lead to damages to functional cells. the rupture and apoptosis of functional cells will lead to haemorrhage which enhances the activity of thrombocytes, which gives rise to thrombosis within the blood capillary. Coagulation not only aggravates the blood and oxygen deficiency situations, but also makes the blood more difficult to filtrate.
Fourthly, blood ropy can also cause damages to functional cells. Stick consistency of blood is caused by excessive intake of fat and sugar, as these two substances are of great viscosity. Blood ropy increase the difficulty of filtration, and load the functional cells with more burdens.

Fifthly, excessive proliferation of extracellular matrix cause pressure to functional cells. Researches have shown that when functional cells rupture and fade away, extracellular matrix will occupy the space through proliferation. In addition to occupying functional cells’ space, the proliferated extracellular matrix will cause pressure to remaining functional cells and gradually leads to damages to them.

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