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Elevated Creatinine Level in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

As one of the major indexes of indicating poor renal function, elevated creatinine level is always a hot topic among people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Creatinine is the metabolin of muscles inside our body. Along with blood flows, creatinine will get into our kidneys and finally is excreted through the renal filtration function. That is to say, the creatinine level depends on the glomerular filtration ability and elevated creatinine level usually indicates that kidneys are damaged.
As to people suffering from CKD, their kidneys are damaged and renal functions, say concentration function, dilution function, filtration function, secretion function, excretion function and regulatory function, are impaired as well. Creatinine is mainly discharged through excretion function and as this function is impaired, the large amount of creatinine can not be discharged smoothly. As a result, creatinine accumulates in the blood and creatinine level is elevated. Normally, the higher the creatinine level is, the poorer the renal function is.
Because of the great reserve capacity of our kidneys, it is hard for us to feel any uncomfortable at the beginning of renal damage. Over time, renal damage becomes more and more serious. The remaining renal function can not maintain our basic activities any more and consequently, a series of symptoms appear which refers to the vomit, nausea, dizziness and fatigue and so on. Meanwhile, massive creatinine piles up in the blood, leading to the elevated creatinine level. Therefore, for people with CKD, when their creatinine level increases, actually their kidneys have been damaged greatly. Usually, when glomerular filtration rate decreases to the one third of that of healthy people, creatinine level begins to increase.Then How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood?

Elevated creatinine level will cause a series of complications such as hyperkalemia, hyperuricemia, hyperlipemia, hypoproteinemia and metabolic acidosis. Although these complications arise from elevated creatinine level, they will aggravate CKD as well. Therefore, lowering creatinine level is very important for people suffering from CKD. This is the brief introduction about creatinie and if you want to know more about it, its treatment or CKD, you are welcome to leave messages to me or consult our consultant online.

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