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Does Back Pain Mean Chronic Kidney Disease

Some people with Chronic Kidney Disease usually have back pain symptom and when doctors diagnose a disease, they always ask people whether they have back pain symptom. Therefore, some people will regard back pain as the indication of Chronic Kidney Disease. Then does back pain mean Chronic Kidney Disease?
Actually, when doctors ask people whether they have back pain, the doctors mean whether people feel pain in the location of their kidneys. It is known to all that we human have two kidneys which look like a pair of broad beans and this pair of kidneys play an important role in our life. As there are no sensory nerves in renal parenchyma, so, normally, people will not feel pain in the location of their kidneys; however, since so, why some people with Chronic Kidney Disease still feel pain in their kidney location?
Usually, for people with Chronic Kidney Disease, the pain in kidneys is caused by the pull to ureter, pelvis and renal capsule. Besides, the pain related to kidneys is divided into three types which are renal colic, dull pain and distending pain in the location of kidneys. Among these, renal colic can be manifested as intermitted pain in the location of kidneys. Moreover, people with renal colic may have vomit, nausea, pale face, sweating and hematuria and so on. Dull pain usually is persistent and it is commonly seen among people with acute nephritis, Polycystic Kidney Disease, and hydronephrosis. Distending pain refers to the persistent sharp pain and it usually appears among people with perirenal diseases such as perinephrc abscess, renal infarction, perinephritis and perirenal hematoma and so on.

Although back pain(Back Pain and Kidney Disease) is one of the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease, some people with Chronic Kidney Disease may have no this symptom. In fact, back pain not only can be caused by kidney disease, but also arise from lumber muscle strain, lumber hyperosteogeny and back sprain and so on. Therefore, back pain does not always indicate Chronic Kidney Disease. In spite of this, if you have back pain without doing drastic exercises, you should go to do examination and find out the root causes of the back pain, so as not to miss the diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease. For more information, please email to or consult our consultant online.

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