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Do You Understand the Lab Inspections for Chronic Kidney Disease

Many patients who have suffered from Chronic Kidney Disease may have to accept some laboratory inspections. How much do you know about these inspections and measurements? In the following I will introduce them for you.
Serum Creatinine - High Creatinine Levels
Creatinine is a general indicator for your kidney condition, however, it is not an sensitive indicator in this aspect. When the serum creatinine elevates, it often indicates that your renal function has already damaged exceeding its half part. Your doctors may use your serum creatinine test to calculate your GFR value.
Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR)
GFR tells how much renal function you have. It could be estimated from your serum creatinine values. When your GFR below 50, you may need to see a nephrologist and take treatment on your kidney function.
Cystatin C
Cystatin C is considered as an ideal endogenous signal in early refection of the changes of GFR. Cystain C could be reabsorbed in proximal tubules, but after reasbsorption, it is completely metabolized without returning back to blood. So the concentration of Cystatin C is determined by the GFR rather than relying on any other factors. Cystatin C is a sensitive indicator for the renal function.
Microdose Ulbumin(Malb)
Malb is used to reflect the abnormally leaked protein in urine. Like Cystatin C, it is also an early signal in reflection of the gloemerular damages. Malb is the most sensitive and most reliable diagnosis indicator in early detection of kidney disease or kidney damages.
The above are some indicators in reflection of kidney’s early damages, especially in reflecting the glomerular harms. As the indicators in reflecting the damages of renal tubules, our hospital will use the low molecular weight proteins, such as β2 microglobulin and α1 microglobulin as well as retinol binding protein tests to determines the degree of renal tubules’ damage.

Through those inspections mentioned above, we are able to have a thorough and complete master on the patients’ body internal environment. These lab inspections are vital important for the early detect of Chronic Kidney Disease.

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