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Creatinine Levels in Urine

When it comes to creatinine, we will think of urine creatinine and serum creatinine. What’s the relationship between them? To answer this question, we should first figure out what is creatinine. Creatinine is a kind of substances which comes into being due to the metabolism of muscles in our body. Creatinine level is influenced by diet, the amount of exercise, and so on. It comes into being into blood or exactly speaking serum, and then is discharged out together with urine. So from the above, we can get a conclusion that the more creatinine in urine, the less creatinine in serum. How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
And from the above, we can also get a conclusion that in normal condition, the level of creatinine in urine is higher than that of serum. However, when kidney is damaged, the function of discharging creatinine decreases, so there will be more creatinine in serum, which will lead to harm if it accumulates for a long time.
Generally, serum creatinine is considered as a more scientific index which can judge renal function. In some cases, we can also consider creatinine in urine if necessary.
What is the mechanism of more creatinine in serum and less one in urine? In renal glomeruli, there are filtration membrane, in which, there are pores through which, small molecules such as creatinine can pass. However, when kidney is damaged, the cells will be damaged and the pores’ diameter will also change. So the level of creatinine in serum will change accordingly.
So to solve the problem, we should repair the damaged intrinsic cells, thus making the creatinine level in urine turn normal. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can achieve it.

Firstly, after it is permeated into kidney through osmosis, the active and nutritious substances can improve the blood circulation and dissolve the stasis in the blood, thus improving the micro-circulation and the insufficiency of blood and oxygen in the kidney. Secondly, the active materials can also play roles in repairing the damaged intrinsic cells in the kidney, for after the first step, a favorable environment is created. Then, after the repairing, the damaged intrinsic cells recover, including renal glomerular filtration membrane, thus rebuilding the renal function and stopping the leaking out of excessive creatinine into urine.

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