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Creatinine 4.4 mg/ dL =Creatinine 389 umol/L

The formula
Some patients who are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease are confused why creatininie can have different expression styles with different units. For example, creatininie 4.4 mg/ dL equals creatinine 389 umol/L. As a matter of fact, the ratio between them is 88.4 if we observe carefully.
Significance of Creatinine 4.4 mg/ dL =Creatinine 389 umol/L
Either Creatinine 4.4 mg/ dL or Creatinine 389 umol/L can show renal function to some extent. As for the latter form, the normal range is 44 to 103 umol/L (or 133 umol/L), and creatinine 389 umol/L means that patients have become into renal failure stage.
Creatinine and dialysis
Creatinine, or serum creatinine is a kind of toxins which is produced in the body, so it should be discharged out in normal condition from kidney eventually. So long time deposition of creatinine in serum will do harm to the body, leading to a series of damage in every Immunotherapy. So in most countries of the world, when the creatinine is more than 450 umol/L, chronic kidney disease patients who have already come into renal failure stage are suggested to adopt dialysis.
Treatment for high creatinine(How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood)

Dialysis can not treat chronic kidney disease, which can only help discharge the toxins in the body. As for the treatment, patients are suggested to have immune therapy, which contains both western medicine, Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine, the combination of which can help decrease high creatinine 4.4 mg/ dL (Creatinine 389 umol/L) from root.

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