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About Chronic Nephritis

As a common Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), glomeruloneohritis, or Chronic Nephritis can result in damage to the other organs. Chronic Nephritis is defined as an allergic disease and particularly is prone to young adults and people of middle aged.
Chronic Nephritis occurs because of slow, progressive destruction of the glomeruli, with continuous loss of kidney function. When kidneys can not play their functions properly, then Chronic Nephritis occurs. Too much of calcium in the blood also can cause Chronic Nephritis. For about fifty percent to twenty percent of people with Chronic Nephritis, their kidney disease is transformed by Acute Nephritis. Though many different causes can be blame for the onset of Chronic Nephritis, one of the most common cases is an allergic reaction to medicine.
Due to the different pathological change, people with Chronic Nephritis may have different symptoms and the common symptoms are as follow:
swelling(Swelling and Kidney Disease): During the whole progress, people suffering form it will have different level of swelling. For these with unserious Chronic Nephritis, their swelling usually is found around the eyes, in the face, and inside of ankles. In serious cases, swelling can be found in almost every part of the body.
High blood pressure (High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease): For people with Chronic Nephritis, high blood pressure occurs to them sooner or later. For some of them, high blood pressure is the one what makes them come to hospital at the beginning. High blood pressure appearing among people with Chronic Nephritis can be intermitted or persistent.
Changed urination: Urination change it the inevitable symptom which include both changed urine volume and abnormalities detected out through microscopic. Changed urine volume refers to the increased and decreased urine volume. Usually, the lesser the urine is, the more severe the swelling is.

As to the treatment of Chronic Nephritis, because there are different types of Chronic Nephritis, so the treatment of it depends on its causes and the type and severity of symptoms. If you want to know more about the Chronic Nephritis or its treatment, you can leave message to me or consult our consultant online.

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