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Does Creatinine Over 200 Means Kidney Disease

Some patients with creatinine over200 are asking whether their situation is serious and how to deal with this situation. According to this problem, I want to give the explanations.
For the average people in healthy conditions, their normal values for serum creatinine is between 40 to 120umol/L, so we can creatinine 200 or the higher level really exceeds the normal levels.
Here I want to mention the four stages divided according to creatinine levels.
●normal renal function: Cr40-120umol/L
●compensatory stage of renal insufficiency: Cr133-177umol/L
●discompensation stage of renal insufficiency: Cr177-442umol/L
●renal failure stage 442-707umol/L
We can see that creatinine level of 200 or over is just in the stage of discompensatory stage of Renal Insufficiency, does that mean the kidney has been damaged or there is a kidney disease already?
It usually depends. Creatinine 200 or more does not absolutely mean the kidneys are damaged or there is a kidney disease. Usually the elevating creatinine levels are caused by lots of reasons, see the below:
If the patients have such phenomenon as heating, sweating, or the decrease in drinking water, much amount of urination, or the decreases of renal blood volume, the creatinine level could increase.
The second, if people are not careful in life and there appears fatigue, bad rest, or the life details are not paid attention to, then creatinine could also elevate.
The third, if the person’s blood pressure is not controlled well, or there are long-term existence of abundant proteinuria,. In this case, the serum creatinine could also lift.

So, when the patients have a high creatinine level such as 200 or more, they should go and check for the real reasons at hospital so as to make certain the real reason. But usually, the persistent increase in creatinine level usually mean the decline of renal function as well as a possible kidney disease, so necessary checkups and timely treatment should be paid much attention.

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