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Update in Treatment of Lupus Nephritis

90% of SLE patients will have kidney damage, that is called Lupus Nephritis. The pathogeny is the immune disorder, which includes the abnormality of immune tolerance of the patients, T cells, and cell factors, and B cell hyperfunction. And in the process of the Lupus Nephritis, there are lots of tissues like cell nucleus, cell membrane, cytoplasm, and autoantibodies produced. When there is pathological changes happening, the antigen and antibody will form into immune complex and deposit on the glomerulus, thereby, cause the damage of the kidneys.
While the traditional methods can only control the symptoms, like proteinuria, edema, high blood pressure etc., and symptoms of lupus, like red or black flecks on skin, pain in joints etc.
Nowadays, stem cells have been a very popular topic in the medical world due to its infinite possibilities.
Stem cells have great function in treating such immune disease. Firstly Stem cells have strong potentials of proliferation and multi-directional differentiation. It can produce a large number of offspring or differentiate into various cells the body needs. So there will be more functioning cells that can replace the work of the dead or damaged cells. Secondly, Stem cells can restrain the proliferation of T cells and the immune reaction by cellular interaction and producing cell factors so as to play the roles of rebuilding immune system. That's how stem cells can help improve the immunity of the patients.
At the same time, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is applied to supplement stem cell transplant. They can degrade the immune complexes deposited on the glomerulus, and reduce the inflammatory reactions. So the kidney damage can be slowed down, or avoided further worsening.
If the patient's SLE or Lupus Nephritis is still in the early stage, it's better to take the treatment earlier, before the kidney damage is too severe, then there will be greater chance for a better result.

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