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Nephrotic syndrome eating hormone can eat traditional Chinese medicine

[Kidney disease] Hello doctor will want to consult any problems, you can say something, to help you analyze.
[Kidney patients] nephrotic syndrome eating hormone while eat traditional Chinese medicine. Hello! I would like to ask what is under hormonal drugs? I eat what medicine?
[Kidney disease doctor you now what happens? Hormones are anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic product, such as prednisone, dexamethasone (Buddha mimatsu) are all hormones, long-term use may lead to dependency, so that the body fat. Produce osteoporosis , inhibit the growth and development of children.
[Kidney patients with nephrotic syndrome
Nephropathy doctors urine protein occult blood a few numbers, some eat and some can not eat
The [kidney patients urinary protein
[Kidney disease doctors what age? Urine protein urine by acidifying heating opacity detected. Normal daily urinary excretion of protein is generally 40 to 80 mg up to 150 mg, known as physiological proteinuria. Generally normal human urine proteinuria containing protein amount up to 150 mg over 150 mg / day, that belongs to the abnormal proteinuria. [Kidney patients urine protein, no occult blood, 25
Get this disease nephropathy doctors how long? Nephropathy occult blood is kidney inflammation reaction, kidney inherent cells damaged, the glomerular filtration barrier is damaged, increased permeability of the glomerular blood cells leak to clinical urine occult blood in urine.
Kidney patients for more than a year
Nephropathy doctors] renal comprehensive disease combining Chinese and Western
[Kidney patients eat together?, Or separately to eat
[Nephropathy doctors] you are using hormone it?
[Kidney patients] my ears rang, accompanied by headache
[The nephrotic doctors] occult blood fundamental reasons because impaired renal intrinsic cells, the glomerular filtration barrier is damaged, blocked macromolecules blood erythrocyte leakage due to a reduced ability. Therefore, to treat urinary occult blood, the most fundamental is to repair damaged glomerular filtration barrier convalescent filtration function.

What are the symptoms of children with nephrotic syndrome in children will be

In children with nephrotic syndrome in children, what the symptoms? Salient features of children with nephrotic syndrome are highly swollen. Children of the lower limbs, head, face, torso can be swollen, especially the more obvious parts of loose tissue, such as the eyelids, the boy's scrotum was swollen like light bulbs, as well as visceral serous cavity effusion, pleural effusion and ascites.
Children with nephrotic syndrome in children, what the symptoms? Edema serious skin thin and translucent, the skin slightly damage would seepage. Edema affecting blood circulation, reduce local resistance, and prone to infection. Nephrotic syndrome urine contains a lot of protein, urinary protein up to 24-hour urinary protein excretion increased urine routine examination. Blood laboratory tests can be found in the serum albumin decreased, so that the normal white globulin ratio of 1 to 1.5 to 0.5, a ratio inversion occurs, plasma cholesterol
White stripes or purple patterns in children with nephrotic syndrome in children, what the symptoms? Some sick children in the thigh and medial upper arm, abdomen and chest and pregnant women similar skin, decreased urine output.
Performance of protein malnutrition can occur due to long-term urinary loss of protein, dry hair yellow dwarf, follicular keratosis, dry skin, the white stripes (toe), growth retardation, anemia and susceptible. Some sick children with hematuria and hypertension.
Longer course of nephrotic syndrome, vulnerable to repeated attacks. The greatest danger is secondary infection, such as skin erysipelas, intestinal infections, pneumonia, primary peritonitis and sepsis, etc., and any secondary infection can cause death. The treatment of many diseases, treatment is no longer confined to the treatment of Western medicine, began to turn their attention to the Chinese medical practitioners.

How to not relapse nephrotic syndrome in children

How can children with nephrotic syndrome recurrence? My son is 3 years and a half, protein 2.51 for 24 hours a few days ago, diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, now go to the Beijing Children's Hospital for treatment, I would like to ask indicators recovery is not to taking medicine now, after a few years of treatment of this disease are not able to completely cure no recurrence? children can exercise? nephrotic syndrome in children how to not relapse? nephrotic syndrome four major symptoms: a lot of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia edema and high blood cholesterol, more easily in repeated as the treatment of problems. A major focus of the crowd is the industry of children with nephrotic syndrome. According to the situation you describe, your son's condition is more common in children with nephrotic syndrome. First, be sure that children with nephrotic syndrome in children can have a good prognosis, determine the outcome of the process, you said it right, selection of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine is very important, the treatment is not the root of the problem is key.
Many children with nephrotic syndrome children with parents are very anxious, understandable, whose patience has a limit. "Treatment - experienced remission - relapse - treatment - remission - relapse - again treatment - mitigation - recurrence "physical and psychological suffering, the people's confidence will always be combat to. But this disease not urgent, in order not to relapse, you must adhere to.
How can children with nephrotic syndrome does not recur? Must be close coordination between doctors, patients, their families, you have enough patience and confidence, to treat reasonable, adherence to treatment, your son will certainly have a healthy body and a better future .

Nephrotic syndrome can not be cured ah?

Patients with nephrotic syndrome can not be cured? Nephrotic syndrome can cure this problem, is subject to many factors.
On the one hand is the type of the disease itself, and the other hand, patients with the extent of treatment.
Patients with nephrotic syndrome can not be cured? Many patients are used in the treatment of kidney disease, hormone treatment, the role of hormone therapy in symptomatic eliminate protein, but prolonged hormone therapy will produce a lot of side effects, and great to be hormone dependent. This point is that the patient must pay attention to. Repair kidney damage cells in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome must fundamentally prevent protein leakage.
Nephrotic syndrome is not a single disease, it is a large class of disease (ie, the "syndrome"), the pathological diagnosis of "minimal change" prognosis best focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and mesangial capillary glomerulonephritis worst prognosis. Minimal change from 90% to 95% of the children is the first application of hormone therapy, but 85% may have recurrence. Recurrence is more common in the first year than later. If a children 3 to 4 years no recurrence after 95% chance of recurrence.Development of minimal change to the less uremia, the vast majority died of infection or hormones, immunosuppressants serious side effects. Nephrotic syndrome is not genetic, patients with no recurrence of the disease within two years, and has been discontinued, so can be considered children, but must be conducted under the prescription.
Patients with nephrotic syndrome can not be cured ah? Nephrotic syndrome "third by treatment, seven by the care of chronic disease, if the patient does not attach importance to the accepted norms of scientific treatment not worry too much about the fear of the side effects of the hormone, superstition" remedies, ancestral drug "does not comply with doctor's orders to take medicine, referral, do not pay attention to proper diet and daily care, the recurrence of the disease easier to more difficult to cure! treatment must repair treatment for kidney damage cells, prevent disease repeated relapse.

Children with nephrotic syndrome caused harm

A group of children with nephrotic syndrome caused great harm, often clinically massive proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema, hyperlipidemia its clinical features syndrome.
Why is there these symptoms? Human body is a complex organism, its various symptoms are interrelated and influence each other. Decline in body resistance of patients, and the in vivo immunomodulatory huge changes, culminating in a series of symptoms.
Specific harm caused by the children with nephrotic syndrome:
Immunoglobulin reduce low immunity, prone to cause infection;
Long-term hypoproteinemia can lead to malnutrition, growth retardation in children;
3 drug-binding protein to reduce the potential impact the efficacy of certain drugs;
Hyperlipidemia increased blood viscosity, promote thrombosis, thromboembolic complications occurred, and will also increase the cardiovascular complications
5. Endocrine-binding protein deficiency can induce endocrine disorders
Metal binding protein-losing trace elements (iron, copper, zinc, etc.) can be caused by lack of.

How should the treatment of chronic nephritis

How to treat chronic nephritis? Chronic nephritis is an extremely long duration of the disease, the treatment needs of the long process. Symptoms of chronic nephritis treatment, but also against the symptoms were treated. General treatment commonly used to most of the hormone and immunosuppressant treatment, some patients using Chinese medicine treatment. Attention for the symptoms, treatment.
So, how should the treatment of chronic nephritis? Following simple to do to explain the different symptoms:
General treatment: patients need treatment at the same time to ensure good physical spirit and mentality. If the patient's blood pressure drops relieve urinary abnormalities, patients can regular walking, gradually increasing the activities of some mild, but not a sudden increase in the volume of activities.
2 treatment of edema: mild edema, nephritis patients without treatment, salt restriction, and the rest can disappear. Patients with significant edema generally intermittent application, available drug treatment is better than continuous application.
3 anti-infection: patients in the case of infection focus give enough anti-infection treatment, no infection focus, do not generally properly.

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