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How to Reduce the Creatinine Levels Through Food

Creatinine level can be reduced naturally in many ways. Pay much more attention to your daily diet is one of the effective methods.
How to Reduce the Creatinine Levels Through Food
Creatinine is created by muscle metabolism. In our body, creatinine is filtered from the blood by the kidneys and expelled from the body along with urine. Creatinine in blood can be divided into two types: one is called endogenous creatinine and comes from our muscles. Another is exogenous creatinine which comes from meet eaten by us through our diet. Thereby, if we eat the same amount of meet every day, the creatinine level in our body will not change greatly.
According to what we said just now, we can know that avoiding eating large amounts of meet is helpful for us to reduce creatinine level. Meet is one of the resources of creatinine in our blood, so when we reduce the resource of creatinine, creatinine level decreases naturally.
Besides, limiting the intake of foods with rich protein. Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues and muscles and to fight off infection. Protein also produces a certain amount of wastes when it is broken down in our body and these wastes need to be excreted through our kidneys; thereby, foods with high protein will increase burden to our kidneys. For people with kidney damages, their kidneys are impaired and not strong enough to excrete all the wastes. Increased renal burden worsen kidney damages and makes kidney functions are lesser. We know creatinine is discharged through kidneys, so when kidney functions are poorer, creatinine will can not be excreted timely and as a result, creatinine level. In this light, try to eat less foods with high protein is very necessary. However, this does not mean patients should avoid ingesting protein. Protein is the necessary substances in our body, so ingest right amount of it is necessary. In addition, protein ingested by kidney disease patients should be high quality protein which is common in egg white, lean meat and milk and fish.
In our daily life, although creatinine level can be reduced effectively, you should know that it is not the correct method. High creatinine level is caused by kidney damages, so only when you repair kidney damages, can creatinine level be reduced radically.

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